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Andrea Beloff  FINE ART

111 SW 3rd Street,  Miami, FL 33130   (305)773-0358


Painting and Collaging Workshop

with Andrea Beloff

at the Key Biscayne Community Center


Feb. 22, Mar. 15, Apr. 19 and May 31

2 - 4:30pm

8-15 yrs

Member Fee: $60  /  Non Member Fee: $72

Register in advance. (305) 365-8900

E-mail me for more information: andrea@andreabeloff.com


Children's Workshops

Upon request except 1st Fridays of the Month, 2014

Groups of 4-8 children can be made by scheduling 2 days in advance

(305) 773-0358

4:00 - 6:00 pm

PEACE OUT Workshop

About the PEACE OUT Workshop:

The PEACE OUT Workshop was inspired by Andrea Beloff after completing a 29 year old painting from college. She added new dimensional elements once she understood inner peace from becoming a Christian a few years ago. Your children will reflect on where they would like to send "Peace Out" to and what it means to them in this fun and exciting project!

Laura PEACES OUT to individuality, equality and world peace as proclaimed by John Lennon. This proud father appreciated the value of enrolling his daughter in this artistic pursuit. He came from Key Biscayne to give his daughter an experience in painting and expression. He wishes for more opportunities like this one at the ABFA Studio so his daughter may benefit of more activities like this.

PEACING OUT to World Peace.

PEACING OUT to Friendship.

Adult Workshops at ABFA

Next One: TBA or schedule one directly with Andrea

Groups of 3 minimum and 5 maximum can be scheduled.

2 hour workshop


Wine and cheese can be available.


Paint Your Heart Out

Teen and Adult Workshops

with new Key Biscayne resident and artist Andrea Beloff

at the Key Biscayne Community Center

Call to reserve in advance (305) 365-8900.

Adult Workshop

NEXT ONE: TBA or schedule one directly with Andrea.

2 hour workshop

Members :$60 / Non-Members: $72

Includes taking home a Heart Project & Snacks!


Childrens and Teen Workshop (ages 8-15)

NEXT ONE: November 23

2-4:30 pm

Members :$60 / Non-Members: $72

Includes taking home a Heart Project & Snacks!

Pre-registration required 3 days prior to workshop. Maximum of 8 participants.

The goal is to introduce myself and this unique workshop, present a monthly program of on-going workshops where participants elaborate on their vision (BLING YOUR ART OUT), create larger and more complex projects and eventually create on-line videos.

Together we can develop and express our creativity and evolve into a class you won't want to miss!


Additional workshops will be available in Andrea's  new Studio starting in mid November. To be announced...




Primed and Sculpted Paper Hearts

available in several price points according to size and creativity. 

Workshop Designs

The following Workshop Designs by Andrea Beloff are made from recycled paper and will be available at the upcoming workshops.  They range in different size hearts, projects where two people can co-create together and overall materials to create your own.

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Loads of fun!

The first of many workshops!

Andrea will ask you in advance or at the time of gathering to think about an intention which is dear to your heart, an issue close to your heart you would like to work through, or something or someone you would like to place love upon and energetically express that through painting. No painting experience required.  Just bring yourself, a desire to be creative and practice self-expression!  Allow Andrea to guide you through this process and the magic of expression to take place through art.


After 20 years of producing mostly tropical and coastal landscapes, Andrea’s personal life transformations are leading her to want to paint and self express.  Instead of focusing enormous amounts of time on paper collaging and  idealizing landscapes, she wants a more immediate approach and consciencious  transfer of particular energy.  In doing this, she developed a Workshop themed “Paint Your Heart Out.”

Interestingly enough, it came about after a Mexican Artist friend mentioned how he thought paper grocery bags, primed up, made for a good painting surface.  Andrea was instantly thrown about how hard she works making her own paper and that here other artists are just transforming existing paper into art.  One day she decided to try it.  When she saw the lines of the bag still showing, she wondered how she could ever deal with that limitation.  Her instincts told her to crinkle the paper and give it texture and as she did that, she started sculpting the inner part into a heart creating a bulged out shape which later she fills with bubblewrap.


Andrea found an outlet in which to self express herself and a means in which she and other people could paint an intention or work through feelings and emotions.  She gave a few workshops and invited her friends, family and clients to experience this process.  She witnessed people expressing love and passion through color and guided people to express and work through their personal dilemnas through art.  She realizes her role as an inspirational artist and healer.  This brings Andrea much personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

This was the beginning of an artistic heart attack.  She is having so much fun painting all kinds of different hearts with different themes and of course this wasn’t enough.  She began embellishing the hearts with sculpted copper wire  and paperwrapped additions, gemstones, beads, string, etc… that she developed Part Two of the Workshop, “Bling Your Art Out”.