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 Andrea Beloff Fine Art 

at 3rd Floor of McCormick Place at  111 SW 3rd Street,  Miami, FL 33130  

(305)773-0358 by appointment 


ON DISPLAY now is Andrea's newest Collections The Abstract Art Series, The Painting Angels and some of her pieces from The Love and Abundance Series.


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Andrea has also been using her Art for healing, transformation, intention setting and spreading messages. Her studio is available for private one on one consultations.  See where you need help and Andrea is equipped to guide you, encourage you and ask you to paint about it, so you can keep it visually present in your day to day life. 


Andrea offers live demonstrations of the Paint Your Heart Out workshop.

Here she painted BITTERSWEET GRATITUDE, at the soft Opening of her Gallery in the Bird Rd. Art District which one year later she closed for reasons of greater strength.




Schedule a Paint Your Heart Out Workshop for 3 or more children or adults at her new studio at The McCormick Place. Heal, transform or simply express what is in your heart. Painting with intention.

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