Video: In Between Storms – Part 1

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In Between Storms, a new large oil painting by Andrea was inspired during the painting of the Six Stages of Faith. It was a transition period and it coincided with a real storm, almost hurricane, that was forming. The first rains and winds had passed and then the sun came out and we were waiting to see what would happen next. In this anticipation time, is when I got inspired and make my first sketch of it. More videos to come as it gets finished. Stay tuned!


Andrea Beloff Fine Art – Endearing endings and new beginnings.

Andrea Beloff: Spiritual and Abstract Artist

Welcome to the evolving Art of Andrea Beloff. She is now Oil Painting in a more abstract expressionistic style, expressed solely thru palette knife painting.  Her themes focus on Spiritual meaning and purpose thru art. Her journey includes an entire Collection of painting Angels. She has developed workshops for emotional and spiritual healing thru art for adults and children. She developed inspirational classes for those willing to try their hand at self expressing thru art and a variety of fun, highly creative art classes for children 7 years and up. And she is pioneering a new idea of Studying Spiritual material and painting on it. Visit her Gallery/Studio/Community Art space in Key Biscayne until mid December. After that Andrea is moving to Naples, FL. See her work and her contribution before she leaves and any special offers she may have to help support the move.

Thank you kindly.

Learn to paint and be self-expressed in Key Biscayne.

Workshops for children 7-15 started on Tuesdays, 4:30-6pm  Encourage your child. 

A Six week Study/Painting Workshop for Adults on Faith is starting October 1st. Sign up now!

Classes available morning, afternoons and evenings too! Let's have some real fun!

The Abstract Art Series of oil paintings are all done with palette knives as well as The Painting Angels Series. If you have ever wanted to take up painting or have started and need a boost, sign up for Open Studio classes on Wednesdays. 

Schedule a visit by Appointment by calling Andrea at (305)773-0358.



An original oil painting  inspired by a continuous desire to offer my life and my art to a greater purpose.


Andrea Beloff FINE ART

Studio/Gallery/Community Art Space

927 Crandon Blvd. Unit 14
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
At Esplanade Mall (thru ZEMgear)

Please feel welcomed to join in the Fall Schedule full of invigorating and meaningful classes and workshops for adults and children. Some classes have started, some are in the making. Please inquire. Visit and experience the very spiritual and new abstract body of work that I have created.  You will see a plunge into Abstract Expressionism and all the Painting Angels that guided each work. I am blogging regularly too. 


Closing shop ... See specials at Andrea Beloff Fine Art,  

The Gallery/Studio/Community Art Space in Key Biscayne will be relocating to Naples, FL during the Holidays...

The time is Now...see creativity and what is possible.

I have been a dedicated life artist...Art is my sanctuary.  It is where I channel divine creation.  It is how I share with the world my gifts, talents and purpose.  It is thru art that I process the important things and I am now teaching them all.  I am loving creating but more importantly using my art for a greater purpose! I am fervently inspired and my Painting Angels have become visually present.


 The Painting Angel Collection

So, I start my day releasing all the junk, the negative thoughts, realigning myself, praying until I clear all the space for creation. Before you know it, I am renewed, inspired, guided and painting. When I am finished, I look at my painting palette and I started seeing angels on it.