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A Small Reflection of Abundance

Posted by Andrea on May 2, 2013

I have had a REBIRTH and with that I mean I have made huge changes in my life, my status, my geographic location, my philosophy of life and purpose and it all is reflected in the NEW ART I have been developing for over a year.  Let alone that I went through an additional 4 year forced Sabbatical that I used to move out of the Tropical Landscape Paper Collage Niche to where I am now.  It has been a journey of huge growth to say the least.  I am happy to be here! I am thrilled to be here actually.


This upcoming Opening Reception of the Love and Abundance Series on May 18th, 2013, 6-10pm on Gallery Night at the Bird Road Art District, at my new Gallery/Studio space on 4678 SW 72nd Ave. Miami, FL 33155 is where it all goes down.

Andrea Beloff FINE ART


Please don't miss it. I may not be all ready as I would like to be but you will be amazed no matter what. 


First I found the LOVE and then I had the bright idea to manifest something that resembled abundance. Hence the journey through the much treasured Foreign Currency of the world.  It is a world in itself and I am honoring it in my own artisctic way plucking out the beauty and meaning and poetically transforming it into something beautiful.

Andrea Painted in BITTERSWEET GRATITUDE on October 20, 2012

Posted by Andrea on Oct 25, 2012

Andrea Beloff, the Artist, Painted Her Heart Out in Bittersweet Gratitude in a live demonstration on Oct. 20, 2012 at 8:30pm at her new gallery.

THANK YOU all who could be there to support me and this special day in my life!

If you couldn't make the Soft Opening of the gallery, Andrea invites you to the Grand Opening on November 17th, 2012 6-11pm during Gallery Night at Bird Road Art District.

Expression by Brenda Corazon Marquez

Posted by Andrea on Jan 23, 2012


A natural born artist with the capacity to pour her heart out through ART like nobody I have ever known as well as a dear friend of mine, former Apprentice of four years and painting hearts alondside me for the last two years. We have had so much letting it all hang out!



Posted by Andrea on Jan 23, 2012

Is your heart complicated at the moment? 

What's to hide?

Give your heart the life is it craving with the upcoming workshops.

Click here to view and sign up for the upcoming event you won't want to miss!

Wine taste and Paint Your Heart Out!

LOVE KNOTS by Andrea Beloff

Heart Art, Oil Painting, Paper Collage, Paint Your Heart out