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About me

Andrea Beloff has made a career as an Artist. She graduated in Fine Art from UCSB. She spent a year in Venice, Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti completely immersed into painting and art under the influencial abstract painter, Emilio Vedova. She thought she was making a career in abstract oil paintings and miniature abstact watercolors, until she discovered in her final year back at UCSB, the Traditional Japanese Papermaking Technique which she learned from a Contemporary Master Papermaker, Hiromi Katayama. But first, she redefined the technique in her own unique approach and like a bullet set her career in a non-stop forward motion.

For twenty two years and with the influence of her Brasilian upbringing, her tropical landscapes created a popular long standing theme, Escape to Paradise. She has successfully shared this inspiration with the world, touching many people personally in her studio and at some of the top Art Festivals in California as well as Florida and New York.

In the last five year's, Andrea's was blessed with a forced Sabbatical, making significant changes to her art as well as to her life.  There is renewed strength, passion and emotion in her new works and she is now residing in Miami. Along the path of transformation, she is using her art to deepen her means of self expression  and created Paint Your Heart Out workshops to help adults and teens also learn to express thru art. She is inspired by a renewed sense of love and truth as well as her usual love of travel, beauty, spirit and simple living.

Her technique continues to be collage using her own handmade papers but she is also adding works that include watercolor and oil painting. The difference that is now surfacing in her work is in a bolder and more confident approach. The use of color is intensified and the subjects coincide with current projects and personal influences.  She is also adding other materials and playing with even more dimension.  She discovered the art of wrapping copper wired shapes with her paper and adding elements that make the art pop out.

Andrea moved to Miami in the Summer of 2012.  She left the world of Art Festivals entirely behind to focus on her lifelong dream of opening her own Gallery and that day is here! In Mid-October she opened her 14 year long dream of housing a Gallery/Studio and you can now visit her and her work at:


at the BIRD Rd. Art District

4678 SW 72nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33155

(305) 773-0358


Andrea had exhibitted primarily in a few of the top Art Festivals in the Nation. The Sausalito Art Festival, 1990 -1998; Beverly Hills "Affaire in the Gardens", (1st Place award 1995, 2nd Place award 1991 and 3rd Place Award 1990);La Quinta Art Festival (Poster Artist 1999 and Peoples Choice 1999, 2000); La Jolla Festival of the Arts and Food Faire, (Poster Artist 1996 and 2005); Southwest Art Festival (Poster Artist 1992, 1st Place award 1990-1992); and Beaux Arts Festival Miami Florida (Poster Artist 1999) were among a few of them. 

Andrea is still self publishing her own Giccle's and has now added Giclees on canvas. She will continue to be writing Blogs and interacting with her ideas. She is currently seeking out potential licensing opportunities and hoping to continue connecting via marketuers, enterprenuers, and designers for interesting projects that require that special touch as evident in her work.