Andrea Beloff: Miami Abstract Artist

Welcome to the evolving Art of Andrea Beloff, creator of a unique style of Handmade Paper Collages, known and loved by her tropical landscapes, followed by mixing media like never before. She has added dimension to her work, pop out elements, making her art more alive than ever! Andrea is currently in a new phase, Oil Painting in a more abstract expressionistic style and loving painting with palette knives. Abstract art has always been her favorite, imagine that, she has been saving that for last! But last and not least, Andrea has developed workshops for all ages and a variety of programs for using Art to heal.


Andrea Beloff FINE ART

at McCormick Place, 3rd Floor

111 SW 3rd Street   Miami, FL 33130  (305)773-0358

Please feel welcomed to view and experience the very spiritual and new abstract body of work that I have created.  You will see a plunge into Abstract Expressionism and all the Painting Angels that guided each work. I am blogging regularly too, so keep an eye and an ear open for the inside scoop of this lifelong Artist in a highly inspired and dynamic time of my life.

Click on the following titles to view more abstract art.

Caressing the Pain                                                     Into the Future


Visit my Studio and allow me to tell it all, a fully dedicated life artist...PAST...PRESENT...and FUTURE.

For 28 years, I have been dedicated to my art...It is my sanctuary.  It is where I channel divine creation.  It is where I share with the world my gifts and talents.  I love doing my art! ...and I'm loving the changes that are happening in my art! I am so newly inspired and my Painting Angels have become visually present.

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  • The Abstract Art Series of oil paintings on canvas are all done with palette knives as well as The Painting Angels Series.
  • ArtWalk at McCormick Place is every 1st Friday of the Month.
  • Schedule a visit by Appointment by calling (305)773-0358. 

Learn to paint and be self-expressed at McCormick Place.

Workshops for children 8-15. Regularly $45.00.

Workshops for Adults $60.00.


Click here for more information. 

No experience necessary, just a desire to be creative and practice self expression!




This video, LOVE GETS AROUND, represents Andrea's YouTube video, demonstrating what Painting Your Heart Out is all about...setting an intention from the heart and expressing it through painting. Feeling something is one thing but putting it into some sort of art format gives it a life or a release of a special nature, much like writing a song or poem.  Andrea has designed other workshops around this project and are available in her Studio.

The Sun Will Shine Again


Playing, self-expressing, healing, teaching and discipling through ART.