Andrea Beloff: Miami Abstract Artist

Welcome to the evolving Art of Andrea Beloff, creator of a unique style of Handmade Paper Collages, known and loved by her tropical landscapes, followed by mixing media like never before. She has added dimension to her work, pop out elements, making her art more alive than ever! Andrea is now Oil Painting in a more abstract expressionistic style and loving painting with palette knives. Abstract art has always been her favorite, imagine that, she has been saving that for last! But last and not least, Andrea has developed workshops for all ages and a variety of programs for using Art to heal.


Andrea Beloff FINE ART

at McCormick Place, 3rd Floor

111 SW 3rd Street   Miami, FL 33130  (305)773-0358

You are invited to Artwalk on February 6, 2015, 7-11pm or Schedule a visit to the studio at McCormick Place and experience her very powerful latest works, Abstract Expressionism as well as the journey of all the phases of Andrea's Art!

Abstract Art PaintingMiami Artwork						_______________________________________________________________________________

  • I have been very inspired and painting an abstract art series with oils on canvas and would love to share the new vibe with you, either by Appointment or ArtWalk every 1st Friday of the Month. 
  • I am also enthusiastic to teach art. Allow me to help you access your creativity through a number of workshops that I offer. To name a few...
    • Paint Your Heart Out
    • Peace Out
    • Dance Away
    • Plant a Seed, Grow a Tree
    • Abstract
  • I am also offering Spiritual Healing thru Art.

The Joy of Love and Abundance and several other pieces from The Love and Abundance Series will also be on display.

Would you like to make art and heal your spirit at the same time?

Andrea is now offering Spiritual Healing thru Art  at McCormick Place.

Sessions are 2 hours long. Sign up for an initial visit and in depth consultation to determine the right program for you.

You may also email me


Inquire about the workshops for children at McCormick Place. Set up a fun project for your child and invite their friends to come along. Max 4 kids.

Children's Workshops 

Paint Your Heart Out  


Love Thy Earth


workshop for children 8-15. Regularly $45.00. Please call for info or to schedule a class. 

Form a group of 4 and let's paint! (305)773-0358

These projects can be scheduled on a regular basis. Maximum of 4 children at one time. Give your child the gift of self expression in a transformational and message driven format.

Your child will set an intention, write it, verbalize it and translate that intention into a meaningful work of art. Projects include painting with acrylics on prepared sculpted shapes to choose from and may include collaging with handmade papers depending on time and age. 

No experience necessary, just a desire to be creative and practice self expression!



 Giclee on Canvas


"When you love from above, with all your heart, and you continue to renew yourself in that love and share it with the world, there is abundance." Andrea Beloff


Isaiah 61:11

For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations


This video, LOVE GETS AROUND, represents Andrea's first YouTube video, demonstrating what Painting Your Heart Out is all about...setting an intention from the heart and expressing it through painting. Feeling something is one thing but putting it into some sort of art format gives it a life or a release of a special nature, much like writing a song or poem.  Andrea has designed workshops around this project that will be available in her gallery, including the option of making your own YouTube Video.

Andrea tells it all...PAST...PRESENT...and FUTURE.

For 24 years, I have been dedicated to my art...It is my sanctuary.  It is where I channel divine creation.  It is where I share with the world my gifts and talents.  I love doing my art! ...and I'm loving the changes that are happening in my art! I am so newly inspired.


The Sun Will Shine Again

The Rebirth piece, The Sun Will Shine Again, is a dialogue between me and my art about our new start here in Miami.  Everyday still feels like a new start.!!! I am an artist. It is my God given talent and I share it with you.

The Dimensional Art is still a passion with endless possibilities.  I am making the imagery pop out with flair and excitement. It includes combining Watercolor with my handmade paper collaging technique, sewing on beads, sculpting copper wire and wrapping it with paper. A fun new leaf making technique has inspiring me immensely. I am more interested in universal concepts and capturing essence instead of realistic detail and I am in a very expansive mode that coincides with a more developed spirituality and self-expressed personality.

I am also finding an outlet for this energy and passion through Oil Painting. I am combining brushwork with palette knives and layering paint and color with a freedom and elevated spirit like never before. I reach such personal highs that I am almost ashamed to say how depleted I feel after such outpours. Its hard to explain but i can help you experience that through my classes. I have always loved a good piece of abstract art and now I am understanding the secret.

I am also painting some spiritual art and getting inspired by the greater knowledge I am receiving by creating an intimate communication with Our Creator, using prayer and powerful passages in the Bible, the Word of God. I depend on this relationship greatly and fully understand the need for God's intervention and guidance on our every move. I am grateful for salvation through Christ and knowing the importance of sharing the good news. The world seems to be getting trickier and more complicated and our need to develop our Faith is paramount to weather these times. 

Playing, self-expressing, healing and discipling through ART.